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R. Associação Empresarial, nº 167

4590-872 Paços de Ferreira • Portugal

100 Metros
Packaging solutions

Who we are

100 meters away – packaging solutions, a leading company in the packaging sector, was founded in 2000 and is headquartered in Paços de Ferreira. It also has a second unit in Agualva, Cacém. Firmly consolidated in the national market, we supply packaging items to the most prestigious companies in the most varied market segments, such as: furniture, automotive industry, textile, metal and metallurgical industries, machines and appliances and much more.

The packaging market is dynamic and constantly changing. At 100 metros we embrace new ideas, trends and above all customer needs, in order to respond to growing demands in terms of packaging.

Since it was founded, 100 metros professionally guides and executes packaging solutions for companies that believe that quality and service are as important or more important than price.

Not only do we have a wide range of products, we also adjust our solutions to customer needs. The client imagines, 100 meters makes it happen! We provide an integrated approach to packaging projects. From design to delivery, we provide high-quality services and ongoing support to establish lasting relationships with our customers and meet established standards.

Our innovative custom products and solutions provide customers with the tools to create effective and functional selling environments. We’re here to help businesses thrive by simplifying packaging and logistics processes.
Vision and Values


100 metros’ vision is based on creating shared value based on a strong culture of learning, innovation, productivity, environmental protection and social responsibility. We strive for an environmentally healthy tomorrow. We pride ourselves on offering environmentally friendly products specifically designed to minimize waste and promote the conservation of natural resources.

100 meters away, he took his first steps in 2000 in a small garage in the parish of Modelos – Paços de Ferreira. With dedication and effort, the few square meters grew, as did the variety of products and the customer base. We have always been open to change and innovation. We have grown, and today we provide packaging solutions with immediate availability, at competitive prices and we operate throughout the national territory to support businesses at different stages as they grow.