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R. Associação Empresarial, nº 167

4590-872 Paços de Ferreira • Portugal

APacheco - Furniture Culture

With a presence on the market for over 40 years, the company Apacheco – Furniture Industry, based in Paços de Ferreira – Capital of Furniture, has as its primary objective to become one of the main companies in the national and international furniture market, in the manufacture of classic, neoclassical and contemporary furniture.

Est. 1982

In recent years we have made a strong commitment to modernizing the company, offering our customers the best solutions with the highest quality, through a production area of ​​6000m2, providing those who visit us with personalized support, allowing them to verify and better understand excellence manufacturing and internal quality.

Taking into account the current economic situation in which we live, as well as the principles of the global economy, change is constant and innovation is critical for the company’s survival. Therefore, we take it as a philosophy to look to the future, anticipate the needs and demands of the market, so that we can conduct our company in symbiosis with the interests of our customers.


We believe in the excellence of our services, guided by values ​​such as quality, trust and efficiency. Everything we do is driven by an unwavering passion for excellence and quality: quality in the production of furniture with qualified human resources, excellence in the manufacture of products with certified raw materials.

We offer a range of products capable of responding to the development of architectural and interior design projects, specific to each client, guaranteeing uniqueness, comfort and quality.

As intervention monitoring is increasingly common in each project, tailored to the needs of each space, our company has established some partnerships in projects such as hotels, restaurants, ateliers, among others.

Present your ideas to us, we will develop a project, produced especially for you.