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R. Associação Empresarial, nº 167

4590-872 Paços de Ferreira • Portugal


Experience in designing sofas

D’Elite Sofás is a company dedicated to creating comfort and style in each sofa. We develop each piece with passion, imagining a world where our sofas transform lives and living spaces.

Purpose of
Transform Spaces

We are committed to quality, sustainability and customer satisfaction, synonymous with transforming ordinary spaces into extraordinary paradises. Through creativity and dedication, we aim to bring comfort, style and the art of living well to homes around the world.


The Importance of
Materials and Trends

Sofas are essential pieces in any living room, so we believe it’s important to choose a sofa that is comfortable, durable and matches the style of your home. The materials used to manufacture our sofas are one of the most important factors to consider depending on design and the latest trends to find the perfect sofa for your home.