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R. Associação Empresarial, nº 167

4590-872 Paços de Ferreira • Portugal


Founded in 1988 by Aprígio Costa, Estofal is a company that creates and implements passionate interior decoration projects.


At Estofal, we believe that giving life to a sofa must always be guided by the various production disciplines – carpentry, metalwork and upholstery. The objective is clear: to create a distinguished and excellent product, designed with delicacy, and to ensure our customers complete satisfaction, as well as comfort and maximum quality.

The art of upholstery is very much alive and it is reinvented every day, whether it is tailored to the client or produced on a large scale.


Relying on the direct heritage of tradition, we advanced technologically to create pieces of excellent quality and with a contemporary design. Beautiful and up-to-date, the Estofal sofa guarantees that the richness of the most ancestral techniques is not lost with the evolution necessary to obtain more and more balanced products.

Based on the most up-to-date designs, we design each of our pieces to ensure maximum comfort, durability and aesthetic beauty, increasing their decorative value.