Internationalization joint project


R. Associação Empresarial, nº 167

4590-872 Paços de Ferreira • Portugal

LBF - Furniture

Since 1968, with a lot of commitment, persistence, innovation, many ideas, drawings, projects and ingenuity that LBF builds piece by piece the furniture that it places in the market.

A long history with more than 50 years of experience, the Know How acquired along the time allows us to develop and create furniture filled with tradition.

We combine the “handmade” touch with the highest technologies, innovative processes, and materials.


No idea is left unexplored, no detail is neglected. LBF reinvents and reconstructs until it obtains a product that fills the most demanding emotions its clients desire for their space: their home, their hotel, their restaurant… Side by side with our clients, our daily motivating energy, we go beyond and always search for the best solutions. We strive to be one step ahead of trends.

Our activity aims to encompass three main business areas: Own Collections, Client Lines and Bespoke Projects.